Faux Finishes

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Wall paper hanging and removing

In the interior of your home we can create and improve the environment that you want to achieve or reflect your personal style. Make a pleasant living for yourself or your family creating any technique or style.
The world to decor walls is endless. With hundreds of techniques of Faux finishes and wallpaper every single room can create a dramatic and unique style at your house to be original. Please select a faux style for more information.



Antique  European Finishes

The Antigua European finishes are the origins inspired by plastering methods once used by master craftsmen in ancient Rome, Old World speciality have a unique, handcrafted appearance that boasts incredible depth and dimension.

Metallic Finishes

Surround yourself in luxury with the polished luster of Smooth Metallic. The captivating qualities of this reflective finish, combined with fashionable jewel tones, provide a sleek appearance that will instantly dress up any space —especially rooms where you want to entertain.



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