Home Improvement Consulting

Home Improvement Consulting.

Home improvement consulting came as a result of hearing stories from numerous unhappy people about how they tried to complete their project on their own or how they were overwhelmed by other companies offering to provide needed services with little satisfactory results The goal of Only Finishes, Inc. is to become the sole company providing all home improvement service  under one roof with the use of a well-experienced team for every project need combined with customer ideas resulting in the completion of a dream project.

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IDEA+Design+Improvement+Working Process+DécorSuccessful Project

Client  + Only Finishes, Inc   =Happy Client


“Home Improvement” as it is generally known, can mean anything from creating additional space to renovating an existing space.  Home improvement can be done anywhere in your home and includes repairs and/or maintenance.  Only Finishes, Inc. can assist you with your project ideas for anywhere in your home.

Only Finishes, Inc. is customer-oriented and focused on every project detail.  It is also a full-service, Long Island remodeling and custom-design company, focused and committed to providing clients with the best in personalized service, mutual communication, and expert design services. Our team offers years of expertise, ready to use for all home remodeling, design and building needs. Whether you need a kitchen remodeled, are considering a new bathroom design, or are contemplating a whole-house makeover, our crew of experienced designers and craftsmen will focus on creating a total quality experience  utilizing our skilled services.

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