Home Improvement Suffolk County

The Best Home Improvement Services in Suffolk County to Hire

Are you looking for Home Improvement in Suffolk County? Then stop searching you just found the right professionals for your project. We are a team of renowned home improvement experts. We have been providing a wide range of home improvement services in Suffolk County for more than 20 years. Our services are highly professional and all customized to suit your specific need.

We have a crew of highly trained with big experience operating in Suffolk County. When you need a highly skilled contractor to bring to life any remodeling project in your property, feel free to contact us. Our Suffolk County Home Improvement services are professional, customized and prompt.

Home Improvement as it is generally known can be anything from adding space to renovating the Home Improvement Suffolk Countyspace you already have. Home improvement can be done any where in your home from your roof to your basement. It entails repairs or any maintenance your home may need. Only Finishes Inc offers Home Improvement in Suffolk County assisting you with your projects from anywhere in your home. Our company is very detail oriented and focuses on every detail each finish needs. Our finishing company can complete your projects in an organized manner.


Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Carpentry: Need an extension at home? No problem, our professional team will provide you with a pleasant experience by getting the job done right and a very organized manner.


  • Drywall and Spackle: Our professional team delivers a smooth finished, ready to be primer and paint. Our¬†drywall is installed according to proper specifications.


  • Windows and doors frame and installation: When it comes to safe energy at home we install the best windows and doors on the market. Areas such as bedrooms, family rooms, front/rear doors are just a few items that our team takes care of. By having a good insulated home can safe you thousand of dollars every year.